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Bubble Roll is widely known to all the manufacturers who manufacture delicate items. These are typically known as shock-observers or acts as spring the reason is the atmospheric bubbles that are there actually helps the delicate article to remain intact in-case if it is roughly handled. Mostly the glass items or those articles which might break or get damage are wrapped in such Bubble Wrap. They prevent any scratches on glass materials.
Pinnacle Packaging manufactures very high quality and durable Bubble Roll which has strength to minimise the damages. Bubble cover is constructed from polyethylene and is common for packing fine things. The bubbles in the stuff tend to be consistently spread out as a result offering firm padding with treasured and sensitive goods. These kind of can be purchased in unique sizes and they are ideal for covering glassware, film supports, decorative mirrors,
technology, and memorabilia. We have a capacity to manufacture up to 5 layers of air flow bubble video laminated with froth, aluminum lightweight linen, HDPE etc.


  1. Reduces the damages of delicate items.
  2. Protects the glass surface.
  3. Acts as room insulation
  4. Wraps portable gadgets and equipment
  5. Protects storage items.


  1. Common type of bubble wrap found in stores; used to pack light to medium weight items
  2. Stronger Bubble Roll is used for multipurpose bubble wrap; used for heavy items
  3. Anti Static bubble roll is used for items that are sensitive to static electricity like DVD players Cell phones good holding power / powerful grip
  4. Bubble mask has a special type of bubble wrap with adhesive on flat side.

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