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Detail information:

Custom Printed Tape can replace costly printed cartons, reduce pilfering and tampering, and turn your cartons into highly visual promotional tools. YS tapes in-house rotogravure printers can print your company logo, promotional message or handling instructions on carton sealing tape, in a variety of stock tape colors and inks.

Advantages to use Printed Tapes:

  1. Advertises: Printed tape spotlights your company, product or logo from the time the carton leaves your plant until it reaches the consumer.

  2. Identifies: Printed tape instantly identifies the contents of the carton for proper handling and storage.

  3. Reduces Pilferage: Printed tape cannot be broken and resealed without detection and warns the consignee not to accept merchandise with a broken seal.

  4. Carries Special Instructions: Printed tape can carry a special 'Warning', 'Fragile', 'Glass', 'Handle with Care', 'Open This End', etc. message to aid the consumer and help safeguard the merchandise during transit.

  5. Reduces Carton Cost: No need to carry large inventories of various printed cartons of the same size. Buy plain cartons and use different printed tapes for identification.

  6. AIDS in Tracing Lost Shipments: Printed tape makes the cartons easier to find and identify.

  7. Creates Good Will: Customers know you have done everything possible to protect the merchandise and identify the product. This creates a favorable impression and builds confidence in your company and product.

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